Mysterio Ceiling Lamp


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Mysterio is part of the Diesel Living with Foscarini Collection.

Ironic and iconic, Mysterio is a luminous eye on the wall, a flying saucer hanging on a wire in space, a magic mirror from an ancient and mysterious house, right out of a thriller or a 1970s B-movie. Vintage in its inspiration, yet contemporary in its production, Mysterio it is perfect for customizing the most different settings, from a home to a trendy bar, with its mysterious and original charm. In two colors, in warm and domestic copper or in cool and refined silver, it consists of a polycarbonate diffuser, the internal surface of which features a metallic finish.

Material: Metalized batch-dyed polycarbonate and blown glass.

Color: white/copper, black/silver

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Ø 12" x H 4.5"

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