Nuage Ceiling/ Wall Light


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Foscarini Nuage Ceiling/ Wall Light design by: Philippe Nigro

Ceiling or Wall Light with reflected and diffused light. The shell-shaped diffuser, made of injection-molded translucent opaline polycarbonate, encloses and conceals the lighting technology components. The 5 pre-assembled plates of two different sizes are made of matt batch-dyed ABS and feature a click-in system with coupling onto the diffuser which cannot be moved. Electronic ballast, and also available in the dimmable version (EU). Pre-marked outlets in the diffuser allow for the passage of an electrical cable for multiple configurations powered by a single power point.
Materials Injection-moulded polycarbonate and batch-dyed ABS
Colors: white, red
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Nuage Ceiling/ Wall Light is available in stock
White, red, green Wall Sconce colors
White, red Ceiling light colors
W 25" x D 6.25" x  H 21.5" size

Nuage Ceiling Light
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Nuage Wall Light
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Available Size:

Canopy W 13 3/8"

W 25" x D 6.25" x  H 21.5"

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