Floor Sample Clear Crystal Bulb 5 Piece Chandelier

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Lee Broom

Lee Broom

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The Clear Crystal Bulb 5 Piece Chandelier features five Clear Crystal Bulbs suspended at set lengths from a satin white ceiling plate and creates a dramatic cluster that is simple to install.

Taking inspiration from the delicate craftsmanship of crystal cutting, Crystal Bulb combines industrial influences with decorative qualities, transforming the everyday light bulb into a beautiful ornamental light fitting. Each lead Crystal Bulb is handcrafted using traditional techniques and hand-cut with a classic crystal pattern inspired by those found on traditional whiskey glasses and decanters.

Materials: Lead crystal, brushed brass, gold fabric cable, white satin steel ceiling plate

Voltage: 220-240v or 110-130v

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Ø 17.7" x H 35.4"


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