Floor Model Boston Sofa

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Pianca Boston Sofa design by: Metrica

Dignified and solid, a connotative presence, timeless elegance: Boston’s design encapsulates an idea of restrained beauty, cutting an impressive figure. Lines are pared back to the essential, while volumes are generous, soft and invitingly comfortable, the design favouring the horizontal in a dimensional rhythm that gives Boston its clear-cut style. The base, consisting of four 14 cm-high metal feet in a bronze finish, instead gives a certain slenderness and lightness. The backrest comes in plain or buttoned, produced entirely by hand by master upholsterers according to a time-honoured technique dating back to the 18th century, the epitome of Italian craftsmanship.

With Tufted  Back.

Finish: Sweet 51 Dark Grey Fabric with Burnished Legs.

Available Size:

98.4" x D 39.3" x H 26.3" 

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