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Nanimarquina Chobi Rug designed by: Ariadna Miquel, Nani Marquina

Chobi rugs are traditionally produced in many tribal regions of Pakistan. The word "chobi" is from the Farsi word "chob" which means wood, referring to the source of its natural dyes. Chobis are hand-knotted with hand-spun wool spun primarily by a drop spindle.
Hand knotted
Material 100% Hand spun Afghan wool
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Chobi Rug is available in stock
Brown, grey, black, red, natural colors
W 66.9" x L 94.4" size
W 78.7" x L 118.1" size

Available Sizes:

W 66.9" x L 94.4"

W 78.7" x L 118.1"

Available in special dimensions

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