3D Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered - 65 cm - Sledge Base


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Gubi 3D Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered designed by: Komplot Design

The GUBI Counter Stool, designed by Komplot Design, was the first furniture design to be based on the innovative technique of moulding three-dimensional veneer. The 3D design gives the stool a comfortable seat and a sense of lightness – with all edges pointing away from the user. With the wide range of seating shells in veneer and in HiRek and numerous bases, the GUBI Counter Stool allows a unique and personal expression for both the private home or restaurant.

This product has a delivery estimate of 6-10 weeks. Items in stock - 2 weeks.

Starting at $879.00

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Available Size:

W 16.2" x D 16.6" x H 30.5"

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