Brisa Coffee Table


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The Brisa harbors secrets from classical Greece: seen from the side it has an austere Doric capital shape. It also allows us to create geometrical mosaics when joining several pieces in any of its sizes. A practical touch is given to the piece by its ample, covert, lateral drawers.

Deceiving simple looking, the Brisa has a hidden draw in the smaller table and two in the larger sizes. The laminated glass is colored white and the structure can be lacquered in any color from our lacquer chart.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10 - 12 weeks

Available Sizes:

W 19.6" x D 29.1 x H 13.3"

W 40.5" x D 40.5 x H 13.3"

W 49.2" x D 29.1 x H 13.3"

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