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Structure made of square steel tube, and finished with a double layer of zinc and polyester powder. Top in Kerlite® porcelain, with 3 Different colors.

Kerlite® porcelain is a completely natural product, resistant to solvents, disinfectants and cleaning agents. It does not permit the formation of mold, bacteria or fungi. The surface is extremely easy to clean, fireproof and resistant to high temperatures and frost, as well as to deep abrasion. Kerlite® porcelain is also resistant to UV exposure and it is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

Legs Finish: Black, White, Brown

Top Finish: Cendre Kerlite, Noisette Kerlite, Perle Kerlite

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-12 weeks.

Available Sizes:

C958: L 63" x D 39.25" x H 29.25"
C976: L 74.75" x D 39.25" x H 29.25"
C957: L 86.5" x D 39.25" x H 29.25"
C977: L 98.5" x D 39.25" x H 29.25"
C979: L 110.25" x D 39.25" x H 29.25"

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