Dome Suspension Lamp



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Roman adornment connected to the Medusa appears within this architectural dome, with mosaics radiating around the epic face of the sea gods’ daughter. The pattern extends over several layers that cover the LED source, reflecting the light through a delicate play of colours and transparencies. The production process unites the latest technology with artisan techniques, marrying the past and the present, and making every piece unique. Dome is available in two sizes and a myriad of chromatic shades.

Available in Blue, Green, Orange.

Materials: Cristalflex®

Light Source: LED: 55W - 220 Vac / 24Vdc 4.000 Lumen - 2700 Kelvin - CRI > 90 Dimmable with: PWM, 0-10 or PotentiometerLED: 55W - 220 Vac / 24Vdc


Ø 21-3/4” x h. 12”

Ø 29-1/2” x h. 16"

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