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The dining room Draped Chair from the Swedish Front designers is drawn by a fabric softly resting on a bucket seat with a wooden base rises up with graceful folds to delineate the armrests and the back, rendered unusual by a light asymmetry, like petals moved by a delicate puff of wind. A very comfortable yet very light in shape upholstered chair is born, which through the inspiration of its drapery acquires a sense of movement in the material and character of a typical dining chair for joyful occasions and celebratory dinners with friends. It is a project which suggests style and communicates the soul of the Front duo: sober, elegant but also unpredictable, never renouncing the small charms that make people talk about it, and thus unquestionably feminine.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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W28.1" x D 23.7" x H 33.9"

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