Duii Mini Table Lamp


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Duii Mini Table Lamp is part of the Diesel Living with Foscarini Collection.

Is it made with toy building blocks? Is it a character out of a comic? Or a small domestic robot? Duii surprises and amuses due to its personality, starting with its name, inspired by one of Donald Duck’s friendly nephews. The base also recalls a duck’s foot, the articulated arm, held together by wing screws like bits of Meccano, supports a rounded body, a shape that in turn recalls a multitude of memories and inspirations: retro car headlights, a workman’s hard hat but also the Mohican style shaved head of the Diesel brand. A lamp created for the more playful and non-conventional spirit of all ages can be used on a bedside table as well as on the wall, thanks to the free cable and its compact size. It is available in two color variants: bright yellow in “men at work” style or a warm shade of grey, elegant yet at the same time technological.


Material: Pressed glass, aluminum steel and laquered metal

Color: Yellow, grey

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W 6.6" x D 6.25" x H 9.7"

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