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Designed by: Patricia Urquiola

The Gliss Master series of wardrobes, designed by Vincent van Duysen in 2016, extends its possibilities, offering a wardrobe with advanced features where the main focus is on the materials. Innovative finishes for the frame (Raffia), the back panels (Fine Grain or Raffia) and the doors (Graffiato bronze or silica). Absolute novelty: an all-glass back panel that is inserted into a metal frame where a patented hinge enables it to open 180°. Thanks to Glass doors and transparent glass side panels, fully glazed wardrobes can be achieved. Wood or lacquered doors with new (Niche) handles. New design for the raised sets of drawers, also in a doublesided version, featuring a practical handle (Hold) with Ecopelle or Fine Grain finish front panels. New Ecopelle and glass shelves with or without LED lighting.

Gliss-Up is the first entirely suspended bedroom system. In her approach to wardrobes Patricia Urquiola overturns the traditional concept which simply stands units on the floor; here they are instead suspended to the wall. 
The space below is now freed up for use in other ways: for instance, with large shelves, these too suspended, to provide a space for drawer units, baskets and original design accessories. custom designed in the traditional finishes of the Gliss series and in the new cedar finish studied ad hoc for Gliss-Up interiors.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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