Kallisto Dining Table



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Designed by Alexia Mintsouli

The designer’s love for the material natural stone can be felt quite clearly with the KALLISTO. The tableside walls are integrated into the tabletop in such a way, that the connecting elements become a visual highlight which ensures optimum stability.  

The tabletop has been divided harmoniously into various stone sections.

The opposing veining intensely works out the character of the natural stone. 
The next convivial meal with guests may come. 

Materials: Stainless Steel, Stone


39.3" x 78.7" x H. 29.1"
39.3" x 86.6" x H  29.1"
39.3" x 94.4" x H 29.1"
39.3" x 102.3" x H 29.1"
39.3" x 110.2" x H 29.1"

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