Maxhedron Pendant

Bec Brittain

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Maxhedron is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When Maxhedron is turned off, its mirrored surface gives it a mercurial quality, being at once present yet disappearing as it reflects its surroundings. The second phase of transformation occurs when Maxhedron is turned on – what was a solid surface becomes translucent, and the lights become a constellation of points.

Suspension 1/2-inch steel stem in matching metal finish. 35-inch length included with lamp. 96-inch length available for additional cost. Stem length can be adjusted on site.

Material: Brass, steel, two-way mirror

Standard Finishes: Blackened steel, oil-rubed bronze, polished nickel, brushed brass.

Canopy: 5-inch canopy in matching metal finish

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks


W 14” x D 14” x H 14”

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