Mayfair Coffee Table



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Designed By Rodolfo Dordoni

 Combining geometric figures to create new geometric solids is not just an exercise for mathematicians. The most attentive designers, such as Rodolfo Dordoni, experiment with it too, giving rise to original items of furniture both in terms of conception and use. One such is the Mayfair collection, dining tables, small tables and countertops all share trapezoidal or truncated pyramid support plinths.

Finishes: glossy clay, glossy anthracite, glossy rust

This product has a delivery estimate of 14 -16 weeks.

Starting at $4,665.00

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 Available Sizes:

Support Bases MTV1

D 33 1/2” W 31 1/2”/ 19 1/4” H 9 1/2” 

Top with transparent grey laminated glass MTV2

D 59”/ 48 3/8” W 48 7/8”  H 9 7/8” 

Small Table MTV3

H 17 3/4” W 14 5/8” D 12 5/8”

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