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Designed by Victor Vasilev.

Qubit: a name that pays tribute to the quantum theory and its unit of measurement, for a storage-bookcase featuring a rigorous, but original and bewitching geometry.
Victor Vasilev, its creator, actually developed a flowing sequence for this furnishing solution, whose rhythm is transmitted by repeating the individual modules. So, rigor and modularity, order and strong personality, flexibility and precision interweave in this brand new storage unit, that can be used in many home spaces – from the living to the night areas – both as a partition and as an element to pull over to the wall. But also as a free-standing “totem”, a real “micro-architecture”, as Vasilev calls it, to be lived on both sides and in all sizes.


“The project originates from the complexity of the period we are living. The plurality of points of view is often present in our everyday life” says the designer. Hence, the versatility of this multi-purpose storage unit, available in three heights, proposed either in white with black ash partitions or in anthracite grey with brass painted wood partitions. With its sharp and flowing lines, Qubit represents very well MDF Italia’s elegant, essential and innovative style.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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L 24.8" x D18.1" x H 26.1"
L 24.8" x D18.1" x H 35.6"
L 24.8" x D18.1" x H 63.5" 

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