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Bookcases and/or storage units proposed in different heights and widths. Structure made of veneered panels. The vertical dividing elements are movable; 3 pieces per shelf of cm. 200 and 4 pieces per shelf of cm. 270 are provided. It’s possible to create closed spaces through the use of sliding doors, made of veneered panels in the same veneers of the structure, or lacquered. Each shelf has a double milling rail, which allows the doors to slide. Suggested are doors of cm. 52, 77, 102 for bookcases with shelves cm. 200 long; doors of cm. 62, 92, 122 for shelves of cm. 270. 

Delivered already assembled or dissembled upon request. Please kindly use the form for any project/order, available in the last pages of the price list.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14-16 weeks.

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79”x16”x h.79”
79”x16”x h.63”
79”x16”x h.48”
106”x16”x h.79”
106”x16”x h.63”
106”x16”x h.48”
79”x19”x h.33”
79”x19”x h.17”
106”x19”x h.33”
106”x19”x h.17”)

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