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Aqua Creations

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The VAL (Video Art Lamp) demonstrates the IOT (Internet Of Things) revolution at Aqua Creations. The VAL is capable of producing strong light in any color of the spectrum, as well as displaying bespoke graphics. The lamp’s technology is highly customizable, giving you complete control of its luminosity and imagery through a push-button or external remote. The VAL can show images, videos or act as a dimmable source of ambient light, in any color temperature. The lamp’s anodized aluminum body is covered with thousands of controllable LED lights and can shift from a subtle glow to a bright luminosity. These circular discs of light can be displayed alone, but work particularly well when displayed as a group, moving as one.

  • SK2850 RGB Strips socket LED Strips
  • 920x 0.2Watt, 11 Lm and 80 CRI
  • Dimmable
  • Voltage 120V, Energy Class A
  • Total 184Watt, 10120Lm
  • Bulbs Included.


Ø 25.6" x D 3.5"

Ø 29.9" x D 3.5"

Ø 40.2" x D 3.5"

Ø 50.0" x D 3.5"

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