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Nanimarquina Velvet Rug designed by: Nani Marquina

Simple pieces that invite relaxation, an urge to walk barefoot, rugs that lavish you with tenderness. The Velvet rug’s soft surface anticipates quiet footsteps, moments of peace and tranquillity. A sensitive touch that caresses the sight. Available in two sizes and four colours, ecru, grey, red or pistachio, the Velvet rug represents an ode to tactile sensations, adapting to any room and style.
Hand loomed
Material: New Zealand wool
This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.



Velvet Rug is available in stock
Grey, red, ivory, pistachio colors
W 66.9" x L 94.4" size
W 78.7" x L 118.1" size
W 118.1" x L 157.4" size

Available Sizes:

W 66.9" x L 94.4"

W 78.7" x L 118.1"

W 118.1" x L 157.4"

Available in special dimensions

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