Posted on 09-17-13

Casa Design would like to congratulate contemporary furnishings designer, Extremis, on their 2013 AZ Awards for Best Furniture Design. Extremis is a Belgian firm, and we have had the pleasure of representing them in our showroom, most recently in our new Casa Outdoor showroom.



This year’s AZ Award for Best Furniture Design was awarded to their Marina picnic table. The Marina table was designed by Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini of Bruno Fattorini & Partners, Milan. While a single table and bench combo is designed to seat four to six, the table was made from pultrusion fiberglass profiles. This makes it easy for them to be placed end to end, creating a seamless profile to seat an endless number of people. It is the ultimate in family-style, outdoor dining.

The material is a combination of fiberglass and polyester, which gives it the feel of a traditional wood picnic table. However, because it is less sensitive to temperature and moisture changes, it is a much more durable option for our extreme climate. For those who don’t prefer bench-style seating, the Marina table can be purchased on its own and paired with matching captain’s chairs.

We look forward to seeing Extremis’ designs for next year.

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