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If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of warmth and style to your interiors, few pieces work as hard, or as beautifully, as a table lamp. Both practical and decorative, table lamps can make a cozy nook more inviting or shine as an accent piece in a formal setting. Functional, fancy, trendy, or classic, there are lamps for every aesthetic — these are seven of our favorite looks from some of the world’s best lighting & furniture brands.

Chelsea Lamp by CTO Lighting

A simple glass sphere resting delicately on a gleaming marble base, Chelsea’s spare design delivers high voltage style. Inspired by the geometrical style of the ’60s, the lamp’s contrasting energy of elements results in a shade of pure white lightened with a soft glow that reflects the solid beauty of the veined marble stone. The opal glass shade is available with a black Marquina or white Carrara marble base.

Nao Table Lamp by Giorgetti

Giorgetti’s mastery of form is clear to see with the Nao Table Lamp. The structure of solid, polished maple and varnished metal complements a press-molded lampshade of oven glazed glass available in white, green, or amber. At the center of the base, a knob of Brazilian Pau Ferro wood allows for changing the lighting effect.

Eclipse Table Lamp by Lee Broom

With its sculptural silhouette, Eclipse brings a mobile-like quality to a lamp that changes at every angle. Chrome and acrylic discs, supported by a mirror-polished base, rotate by 90 degrees, angling the diffusion of light and revealing multiple profiles. In polished chrome or gold, Eclipse is also available in singular pendant light or tiered chandelier, allowing for a stunning composition of light and style.

IC Table Light by Flos

A simple glass sphere resting on a thin bar of polished chrome, the IC lamp provides dimmable diffused light with an impactful style. The frame is available in brass, black, and brushed or chrome steel.

Space Table Lamp by Moooi

Why settle for just one light when you can have a whole light show? Moooi’s Space Table Lamp is a mirror/lamp/disco created to transform interior spaces. A simple polished mirror at first glance, a touch of the dimmer reveals hidden bulbs that create a “parallel dimension” beneath the silver surface. A special dimmer offers an innovative feature called Dim-To-Disco, designed to get you dancing as it takes you on a trip through the whole color spectrum.

Suuria Table Lamp by Aqua Creations

Aqua’s unique sculptural lights are inspired by the organic shapes and forms found in nature. Suuria, from the Morning Glory Family, features delicate floating orbs reminiscent of flower bulbs, in silk silhouettes that bring a touch of natural warmth and beauty to any space. Suuria is available in a range of colors, in a table lamp or pendant style. 

Birdie by Foscarini

A reinterpretation of the classic reading lamp, Birdie features a slim stem reminiscent of the trunk of a tree, with a touch-dimmer mechanism designed like a branch ready for a bird to perch. Diffusing direct light downwards and suffusing light into its surroundings, Birdie’s bold character elevates it from merely functional to a focal point, in monochromatic white or elegant grey.