Posted on 03-06-15

Thoughts of summers spent listlessly on the French Riviera linger and are the inspiration behind the Ethimo new Knit collection by Patrick Norguet. Reminiscent of the relaxed and peaceful scenes surrounding Marseilles, the collection exudes a classic warmth and beauty from each and every joint and stitch.

Norguet has done a masterful job of weaving teak and fabric together to create furniture that is as relaxed as it is sophisticated. The pieces are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, which means guests can relax and enjoy spending time in one another’s company. Indeed, to say these are chairs designed for entertaining is an understatement.



The distinctly modern tables, the tightly woven knit seating, and the sharp lines of the wooden elements come together to create a harmonious balance between firm and stable, and soft and inviting. Coupled with sturdy construction, the pieces are an ideal addition to patios from the beach to the penthouse.

Ideal for clients seeking rest and relaxation from their busy days, the Ethimo new Knit collection by Patrick Norguet is a welcome breath of fresh air into the design scene. It’s fresh. It’s invigorating. And, it’s certain to be among this year’s most desired patio additions.

To get more information about the Ethimo new Knit collection contact  Casa Outdoor showroom.


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