Posted on 01-27-20

The design team of Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon bring a romantic aesthetic to high-end lighting fixtures and sculptural objects. From their design studio in Vercheres, a picturesque village on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal, they create simple, elegant, yet functional objects that infuse daily life with “a poetic beauty.” Inspired by art, nature, and time-honored traditions, their luxurious creations are lovingly produced with the expert assistance of local artisans.


Reminiscent of a string of Coco Chanel’s famous pearls, Larose Guyon’s 10 hand-blown glass globes are an artful embellishment of any setting. The finishing touch is a counterweight and hook that can be added or moved from one “pearl” to another, allowing for playful flexibility and unique expression. Handmade by local artisans, Coco is a piece of lighting art, available in brass, copper, nickel, and fossil black, with globes that can be tinted to taste for a bespoke and breathtakingly unique creation.


Otero — Coming to our new showroom in May!

Inspired by the Belle Epoque dancer and courtesan Caroline Otero, who ruled the Parisian stage with her exotic style and lavish jewelry, Otero’s lush strands of copper make a highly decorative lighting statement. A protective layer has been applied to slow the natural process of oxidization, which over time will give the piece a patina reflecting the copper’s true character and depth.


Perle-1 — Coming to our new showroom in May!

With a single 8” hand-blown glass ball set on a simple string of copper, brass, black, or nickel, Perle-1 makes a dramatic statement — one that can be amplified with any number of globes to add flair to any space.  




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