Posted on 09-26-12

One of our favorite outdoor furniture lines is celebrating its 18th birthday soon and will be marking the occasion in a big way. Extremis is celebrating by creating a new version of the Marina table and will be revealing the new version of this picnic table at the Biennale INTERIEIUR 2012 in Belgium in October.



What’s especially unique about the reinvention of the Marina table is that this version will be 30 meters in length, constructed all in one piece, with the ability to seat about 110 people. By constructing the table in such a manner, Extremis is symbolizing one of the company’s key philosophical values of “Tools for Togetherness.”

To create such a large picnic table, Extremis used pultrusion glass fiber profiles. This allows for customization so that “seemingly endless tables can be created.”



Extremis’ new take on the Marina table is a fine and inspiring example of how a standard product can be customized for large public spaces. Design professionals in the Boston area looking for products that can be customized to their specific project needs can contact Casa Outdoor at 617 955 9377 for more information.

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