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We can’t help but have a fond place in our hearts for Foscarini, they were part of what drew the attention of The Best of Boston Home our way. However, even without the honor of “Best Lighting,” we appreciate the artistry and whimsy found in Foscarini’s contemporary lighting fixtures. The Rituals collection, designed by L+R Palomba is exemplary of these two traits.



L+R Palomba consists of the husband and wife design team, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, who are based in Milan. Their goal is to, “design free projects, able to interact in an evident and immediate way with people who choose them.” They have earned countless awards and global recognition for their work. The Rituals series is inspired by the graceful tradition of Japanese lanterns.We can’t help but feel there is also something almost lifelike about them.

The lamps come in three basic shapes, and are hand blown using a special satin glass. The result creates a textured finish, with horizontal lines of varying widths. These varied striations diffuse the light in a manner that looks similar to candle glow. Clients have the option of selecting tabletop or suspended versions.

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