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When you hear the term “beehive,” what comes to mind? A hairstyle from decades ago, or perhaps honey bees? Most likely, a lighting fixture doesn’t cross your mind, but one of the newer Foscarini lamps is changing what we see when we think of a beehive.


The Behive table lamp is designer Werner Aisslinger’s debut collaboration with Foscarini. Foscarini and Studio Aisslinger describe Behive as “the perfect blend of formal purity and technological research.” It’s made of polycarbonate and has graphic stripes that are “perplexing.” Hints of previous works by Aisslinger, such as Tree lamp, are evident in Behive.



Behive was recently featured on the design blog 3rings, where bloggers noted their favorite thing about Behive “is its ability to visually transform the effect on the human eye. From night to day and when turned from on to off, the Behive lamp takes on distinctly unique appearances.”

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