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Why should you be thinking about curating your outdoor spaces? Besides being today’s hottest design trend, the timing couldn’t be better, with warm summer days and evenings right around the corner — and Casa Design Outdoor has all the best, most exciting looks that will inspire you to start living “la dolce vita” in no time. 

Designed for RODA, Rodolfo Dordoni’s DOUBLE is a “total outdoor seating system” designed to bring the relaxing, exclusive atmosphere of indoor living space to the outdoors. Crafted of aluminum, chosen for its strength and lightness, the sofa is dressed in a soft and multi-layered upholstery which, in turn, is combined with a 3D net — hence the name DOUBLE, as in “double face,” as the sofa can be presented “undressed” in its mesh-like covering or be “dressed” in fabric chosen from a sumptuous array of textures, colors, and patterns. Best of all, thanks to its hydro draining technology and 3D net that ensure optimal water draining and quick drying, DOUBLE can live outdoors in all weather without losing an ounce of its good looks.



The Boma collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for KETTAL, was born from the need for high performance in all environments, with no sacrifice of comfort. The light, aluminum frame allows for a variety of compositions, from an iconic club armchair to sofas that seat two, three, and four and come in configurations for every conceivable space. The Boma Collection also includes a variety of matching daybeds, benches, and tables.
While functionally designed to provide shade and shelter from the elements, Kettal pavilions also bring “order, form, and structure” to outdoor areas.  From subtle to striking, in more than 30 aluminum and fabric finishes, the collection includes single and double pavilions, lounges, and daybeds, with a range of ceiling models, including waterproof, polycarbonate, Venetian, bioclimatic, aluminum, wood, and more. Side panels are available as blinds, curtains, shelving, and glass, for all styles and environments. 


Ego Paris Hive Collection
Designed by Fabrice Berrux, the Hive collection invites you “to evolve and enjoy gathering in the open air,” in “a true hive where people can gather, share and chat.” Hive’s smart, graphic design, inspired by that most communal of creatures, the bee, lends itself perfectly to the natural landscape. The Hive Conversation Right Meridian, Left Meridian, and Jumbo Meridian are literally made to encourage intimacy, while the loungers, chairs, and sofas are available in a range of sizes for gatherings of all sizes. Coordinating ottomans, tables, and planters are also available.

Coco Wolf was born from a dream shared by two English sisters, who asked, “Why should outdoor furniture lack the sophistication and quality they enjoyed indoors?” From there, they’ve become leaders in outdoor furniture, providing a much-needed dash of British style to outdoor living. Inspired by the world’s great al fresco cultures, from the African Savannah and hills of Tuscany to Greek Isles, tropical beaches, and more, Coco Wolf’s unique statement designs can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious commercial spaces and residences.


Winner of the international Red Dot Award in 2014, Belgian outdoor furniture maker Manutti’s ultra-modular Elements collection can be found in lavish settings around the globe, from  A-list resorts to world-class yachts. Gerd Couckhuyt’s alluring, architectural forms spring from the core concept of the seating island. From there, virtually endless arrangement options are possible, with movable back positions, footrests, and occasional tables with retractable tops. The epitome of serenity and relaxation, a slender strip of illuminating LED lights gives the oasis an added dimension at night when Elements seems to hover invitingly just off the ground. Finally, the palette of subdued tones and soft, durable materials, such as Quaryl, ensure Elements is as lovely to look at as it is to relax upon.

When it comes to distinctive, Made in Italy design, few manufacturers can match Giorgetti, masters of the “Art of Shaping” for more than a century. In their Open Air collection, they bring their acclaimed passion for detail and eye for timeless quality to outdoor living, with contemporary pieces of unmistakable style. Integrating the highest artisanship and woodworking tradition with the latest product technologies, Open Air offers a range of stylish, functional pieces: the Loop chair, Apsara modular sofa system and low table, the Break table, and the elegant and comprehensive Gea collection, with everything from chairs. sofa, and table, to a beach lounger, parasol, and accessories.


Bold or subtle, architecturally or organically inspired, there’s an outdoor style for every sensibility and natural space. You’ll find a world of options to choose from at Casa Design Outdoor, so hurry in: summer — will be here before you know it!