Posted on 01-31-13

Are you tired of finding the perfect furniture for your commercial clients, only to realize it doesn’t meet their strict local commercial fire codes? Or maybe your clients’ tastes run a little outside the normal and it’s impossible to find quality designer pieces that meet commercial fire code regulations. If those scenarios sound familiar, you’ll be pleased to hear that Casa Design has received CAL 133 certification for SPhaus Italy!


As most of you know, achieving certification for CA Technical Bulletin 133 is no easy feat. Our staff has worked hard with our SPhaus Italy contacts to make this goal a reality. Now your Boston commercial design clients have access to some of the most forward thinking and innovative commercial furniture pieces available on the market. Plus, they have the added comfort of knowing that every piece meets the strictest commercial building furniture fire safety codes.




Now that we’ve achieved this feat, we are inspired to keep on going and make sure as many of our commercial furniture manufacturers and vendors can be certified as well. If you have a commercial client who desires ultra-modern (fire safe) furniture, contact Casa Contract today.


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