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Modular sofas are having a moment — and, with our increasingly flexible lifestyles, it looks like they’re here to stay.

Whether it’s providing an oasis of calm or facilitating gatherings and conversation, a stylish modular sofa can — and should be —the focal point of your living spaces, and we’ve rounded up a half dozen of the best, from soft to glam, from sleek to sumptuous, all from the finest designers in the world. It’s time to give one of your hardest-working furnishings a promotion —let a modular sofa transform your idea of living in style.

 Living Divani Extrasoft

Extrasoft Sofa by Living Divan

Piero Lissoni’s Extrasoft modular sofa blends geometric shapes with a soft and yielding aesthetic that is at once casual, cozy, and chic. Able to be arranged in endless configurations, this sofa’s playful flexibility embodies the ultimate in modern style. Best of all, it’s available in both indoor and outdoor versions, in a wide range of colors, textures, leathers and fabrics, to enhance any and every space you love.


275 Glam Sofa Vibieffe

275 Glam Modular Sofa by Vibieffe

Designer Gianluigi Landoni’s 275 Glam combines a variety of geometric elements in varying sizes and contrasting colors to create a sofa that is endlessly customizable and effortlessly stylish. The removable covers are available in cotton, linen, leather, or custom covers to enhance any décor. Featuring the highest Made in Italy standards of quality design, 275 Glam is a modular sofa of breathtaking beauty and versatility.


 Pixel Sofa Saba

Pixel Modular Sofa by Saba

Sergio Bicego’s Pixel sofa marries style and smarts, with an exclusive connector that allows the elegantly curved   arm- and back-rests to be removed from the bases, for limitless new arrangements. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort in a surprisingly compact design, Pixel’s feather-padded seat cushions feature quilted covers available in Saba’s vast collection of fabrics, for further customization.


Freestyle Sofa Molteni&C

Freestyle Sofa by Molteni&C

Ferruccio Laviani’s freewheeling take on modularity is the epitome of Molteni&C style: surprising, stylish, iconic.

The trapezoidal elements and island units allow for symmetric or asymmetric combinations that let you to add a unique twist of your own. Additional cushions and complementary fabrics are available to create monochromatic or alternating designs.


S-Perla Sofa Henge

S-Perla Sofa by Henge

Casual comfort meets exacting craftsmanship in designer Silvia Prevedello’s S-Perla sofa. With its linear sofas, ottomans, and chaise lounges, the effect is of a true oasis of relaxation, with the soft yet compact shapes giving a sense of tranquility. Composed of a Norwegian softwood frame, the S-Perla’s generously padded cushions are available in a wide range of luxuriously soft fabric and leather covers.


Takimi Sofa La Cividina

Takimi Seating System by La Cividina

La Cividina’s collections are the result of collaborations with designers like Andrea Steidl, Antonino Sciortino, and Antonio Rodriguez. Embodying true “Made in Italy” style, the Takimi system, inspired by Lego bricks, features 17 modular elements that can be arranged in endless compositions. Electrical connections and USB ports can be added, along with extra cushions, upon request.