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Introducing de Sede: Swiss Precision in Every Stitch

From its origins as a small but skilled saddler's workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland, de Sede has become an internationally popular brand known for its collaborations with the best designers in the world. Working with only the finest quality leathers, carefully inspected to ensure any irregularities are not visible in the finished item, de Sede’s upholsterers are masters of their craft, finishing the production process with exact and handcrafted seams that lend each piece the status of a unique work of art. Casa Design is excited to share de Sede with our clients — to give you a taste, we’ve rounded up seven of their most iconic looks, including a bed that puts a thoroughly modern spin on the idea of comfort.


DS-167 by Hugo de Ruiter

This modular seating system takes the concept to its furthest expression with a movable backrest fashioned of high-quality plastic that can be positioned around the entire seat — in whatever style happens to fit the space or the mood.



DS-707 by Philippe Malouin

Handmade leather meets contemporary design in a “visual perfection of form” that combines postmodern Swiss furniture design with the clear, open structures of brutalism. Available as a comfortable armchair or as a modular sofa that can be combined in infinite ways, the DS-707’s sculptural yet flowing composition is a striking statement in any space.



DS-600 by U. Berger, E. Peduzzi Riva, H. Ulrich, K. Vogt

Launched in 1972, DS-600 has embodied the de Sede lifestyle for 50 years. An indestructible modular system consisting of individual armchair elements that are connected with a plug-in hinge and a construction made of hide and zipper, DS-600 can be expanded to suit every individual taste — and has even found its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest sofa. 



DS-1025 by Ubald Klug

Reminiscent of a terraced, stepped slope with different widths and depths, DS-1025 consists of two ingeniously designed sofa elements that can be combined to create dynamic silhouettes and seating arrangements, including an inviting 2-seater sofa, a seating pyramid, or “a little mountain range of sofas.”



DS-277 by Christian Werner

Formal yet elegant, the DS-277’s good looks can be further customized with a contrasting outer and inner shell. In addition to the height-adjustable headrest, an otherwise invisible footrest extends for maximum comfort when reclining.



DS-31 by de Sede Design Team

One of de Sede’s classics, DS-31 brings design, craftsmanship and leather expertise together to create a timelessly beautiful chair. With back and seat cushions resting on a thin, leather-covered wooden shell held aloft by a slender leg, the chair’s handcrafted charm is manifest in the handstitched strap seams along the cushion edges and armrests.



DS-1165 by Hugo de Ruiter

With its “playful design for sensual moments,” the DS-1165 bed is perfect for unlimited dreaming day and night, thanks to a backrest that can be moved into position for any occasion — a first in bed design. Choose from the rectangular, oval, or round composition; standardized elements can be used for slatted frames and mattresses, for individual design of the bed’s interior. De Sede’s DS-1103 mattress and DS-1113 topper are recommended.