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Here at Casa Design, we’re delighted to welcome Dutch design firm LINTELOO to our family of international brands. Founded by Jan te Lintelo in 1994, LINTELOO’s passion for life, luxury, and comfort serves as the inspiration for designs that stand the test of time, exemplifying easy-going comfort and ageless style that the company defines as “the feel good factor.” A fearless innovator, LINTELOO’s collections include collaborations with the world’s leading international designers and manufacturers, resulting in some of today’s most popular pieces, including these four fabulous sofas.


 Linteloo Bold Sofa

Bold Sofa by Paola Navone

While known for her more loosely upholstered furniture, world-renowned designer Paola Navone goes for a bolder look with LINTELOO’s Bold. With a backward-tilting armrest and inward tapering back reflecting an Art Deco club chair feel, Bold’s soft, rounded outline is utterly up-to-date, with generous stuffing for optimal comfort and modern style.


Park Avenue Linteloo

Park Avenue by Jan te Lintelo

Like the New York boulevard that is home to the iconic Chrysler Building and Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jan te Lintelo’s modular Park Avenue is a timeless landmark that harkens back to an age of luxury and style. With its curvilinear shapes and subtle, horizontal lines, the system offers numerous possibilities to create your own, personal arrangement, while the ingenious sliding system allows you to easily adapt the seating angle: more upright for conversations, or lounging comfortably with a book.


Madison Sofa Linteloo

Madison Sofa by Jan te Lintelo

Inspired by New York’s Madison Square Park, a place where cosmopolitan professionals and city day trippers meet and mingle, Jan te Lintelo designed his versatile, modular Madison system to deliver easy-going comfort along with buttoned-up style. The result is a chic, elegant seating solution that can be arranged in multiple compositions to welcome any crowd.


Hamptons Sofa Linteloo

Hamptons Sectional Sofa by Jan te Lintelo

With its simple, curving lines and oversized cushions, Hamptons embodies the easy-going, casual style of The Hamptons and the lazy days of summer. Utterly flexible, with numerous compositions of seating elements, ottomans, and cabinets and a range of chic, coordinating colors, Hamptons takes lounging around to a new level of style.