Posted on 02-04-15

As designers, curators, and distributors of modern furniture and furnishings, we strive to remain neutral. Everyone’s taste is subjective, right? However, we can’t help but play favorites once in a while, and Meridiani rugs certainly fall into that category.


View Meridiani Rugs in the Casa Design Showroom

Meridiani is an Italian-based design firm dedicated wholly to the design and production of classically inspired furnishings and rugs that are re-interpreted with a contemporary edge. The company was started in 1996 by Laura and Andrea Parisio. Prior to starting Meridiani, the two shared a celebrated design history spanning more than thirty years.



The company started out with a storefront in Milan and by the year 2000, Meridiani furnishings were becoming popular worldwide. Their Lalit rug collection was introduced in 2012. It is luxurious and understated, helping to anchor the relevant living space without overshadowing furniture designs. The rugs are available in a simple selection of colors and create subtle color and texture variations. Lalit rugs are all hand-knotted in a blend of viscose and cotton for a soft, lustrous look, versatile enough to pair with virtually any designer furniture collection.

You can see Meridiani rugs in action in our Casa Design showroom.

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