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Vincent Van Duysen

Molteni&C, always at the forefront of day- and night-time system design, has extended the possibilities for Gliss Master, renewing the architectural concept of the night-time area. The melamine offer is enriched with a new internal finish, a Wax/White texture, and a new warm Bronze finish, feminine and sophisticated, which represents the latest interpretation of this metal.

The insides feature new accessories, such as the top of the structure which can be made of glass, to make the wardrobe even more transparent. 
The Master chest-of-drawers also has new tops, one made of transparent glass framed in Pewter and Bronze-coloured aluminium, which, thanks to the LED lighting, enhances the drawer inside; the other enriched with a stackable and pull-out three-layer trinket tray, which can be positioned at will. The whole thing in the classic Molteni&C melamine finishes. 

Two new options for the doors:
Swing door, matt lacquered, which can be opened at 180°
Twin door, with the strong formal appeal typical of Vincent Van Duysen, with a new Pewter-coloured outer handle. 


The IOT makes its debut into the world of Molteni&C nighttime systems 

The Internet Of Things joins the world of Molteni&C nighttime systems – Gliss Master and Master dressing – with avant-garde solutions and innovations that guarantee wardrobes the best environmental quality. For taking care of clothing and accessories it is, in fact, essential to be able to exclude the presence of harmful agents – bacteria, molds, and allergens – that naturally insinuate themselves onto fabrics in contact with the environment.




AIRCUB ® – a Molteni&C exclusive – is an IOT device easily manageable from your smartphone with a dedicated APP. The air purification and perfuming system work by ionizing and ozonizing wardrobe interiors, thereby removing up to 95% of agents harmful to health while releasing delicate fragrances.

REFRESH-BUTLER ® – concept and development of the Swiss V-ZUG – an innovative solution that combines four functions in a single device. It freshens, sanitizes, dries and irons all garments by means of a two-stage process. With photocatalysis, activated by UV lamps, it removes pollutants present in the air and on clothes. With the vapour released by micro holes in the structure, it refreshes them, neutralizes any odour and reduces creases and crumpling in suits, dresses, shirts and blouses. The device can be fitted into the wardrobe or installed as a free-standing version in a walk-in wardrobe. These are indispensable accessories for keeping wardrobes in a perfect state of health and hygiene, and for looking after objects effectively.