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Dada Sistema XY

What do you get when you mix high-tech wizardry and high-end Italian kitchen design? A kitchen beyond your wildest dreams: hands-free, smartphone-activated, and sleek and multifunctional enough to become the showcase of your home. 

Hi-Line Dada Kitchen

It’s hard to believe, given how much else has changed, that the last real innovation in kitchen appliances was the microwave, back in the 1970’s. Today’s kitchen has gone totally digital, with new technologies redefining traditional tasks from cooking to cleaning, storing, and cleaning up. Plus, the pandemic has not only made the kitchen more of a focal point than ever, it has led to the growing  popularity of sanitizing features like touchless faucets and antimicrobial surfaces. 

Tivali Kitchen Dada

 In other words, it’s the perfect time for Molteni&C Dada kitchens. Masters of modern living, their iconic Banco island structure, with its slim worktop and suspended aluminum frame, revolutionized the concept of the kitchen when it appeared in 1994. With their innovative designs, exceptional quality materials, and a compositional aesthetic, Dada kitchens are as beautiful as they are functional, and as much a pleasure to use as they are pleasing to the eye.

Dada Ratio Kitchen

Under the leadership of Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen, the 2020 Dada collection represents “the heart of the needs of contemporary living, where domestic spaces are versatile, multifunctional, and can be adapted and shaped according to their use.” With a variety of looks to choose from — Trim, Tivali, Vela Aluminium, Vela, Banco, Vela Quadra, Nuvola, Hi-Line, and Nomis — every Dada kitchen is designed to enhance its surroundings with “the warmth and richness of materials and … their organic juxtaposition.”    

Dada Vela Kitchen

In addition to their beauty, Dada kitchens are technological wonders of engineering. Ingenious pivot hinges, rotating mechanisms, opening systems, and more are all  designed for maximum ease of use and minimalist appeal. For example Trim, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, is revolutionary in its adaptability and management of spaces, while Tivali is a kitchen box capable of appearing and disappearing by magic, thanks to a patented mechanism that stores the doors in side compartments.

Tivali Dada Kitchen

Add today’s smart, automated appliances to Dada’s masterful kitchen designs and the result is a dynamic, hard-working, yet serenely beautiful new vision of the place that has always been the heart of the home.