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It’s that time again: Milan Design Week 2019 has ushered in a new year of style with the freshest looks in contemporary living, and it’s no surprise Molteni&C is leading the way.


Inspired by the houses of the great architects of the mid 20th century, Molteni&C’s newest collections are designed to bring character and comfort to today’s multi-functional, multi-media home.  As smart as they are stylish, these are some of the most exciting new looks.

Gregor Sofa
Contemporary living reaches new heights of style and comfort in Vincent Van Duysen’s low-slung Gregor sofa collection. Featuring a variety of straight, corner, and peninsular units that can be mixed and matched together, the sofas offer limitless options for a living space destined for conversation, reading, and entertainment. With its spare, zinc-coated steel base topped by generous, comfortable cushions and winged armrests, Gregor’s dramatic silhouette is the epitome of mid-century chic.



Irving Sideboard
The sideboard gets the spotlight treatment with the Irving system, composed of tall and low storage units for the living area. Distinguished by Van Duysen’s signature T-shaped metal foot, Irving’s refined mix of wood, marble, and metal, with functional drawers and trays in fine leather, make this dynamic and gorgeously crafted piece of furniture as beautiful as it is useful.



Gillis Armchair
Compact and comfortable, the beauty of Gillis is in the details: perfectly crafted timber joinery details, characteristic backrest leather straps, and padded armrests with leather made of one single piece gently turning around the backrest. Designed mainly for the hospitality sector, this modernist gem looks just as elegant in the home, as an occasional armchair.


South Kensington Sofa
Inspired by the location of Molteni&C’s new London Flagship Store, inaugurated at the beginning of the year, Rodolfo Dordoni’s South Kensington sofa harkens back to the futuristic designs popular in the Swinging Sixties, with a contemporary look. Featuring cutting-edge materials and extreme attention to detail, the sofa can be upholstered in leather or textiles from Molteni&C’s vast collection.



Surf Modular Sofa
Designed by Canadians George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, the Surf modular sofa system breaks with tradition by exploring the nature of organic forms. Free from constrictions and rich in unexpected details, Surf is equally at home in residential or hospitality projects, such as hotels or offices.



Ava Table
Highly sculptural, with minimal detailing and a high-quality finish,  Ava combines the elegance of simplicity with the warmth and tactility of wood to create a dining table at home in any setting. 


505 Modular Wall System
The modular 505 system is one of the blockbusters of the Molteni&C collection. Constantly evolving, with innovative touches that allow for infinite uses, 505 now features a glass door with a handle built into the metal profile, and slim glass partitions that can be positioned to highlight books and objects for display.



Gatwick Extendable Table
Like the London airport after which it is named, Rodolfo Dordoni’s Gatwick table acts as a “hub” inviting people to gather any time of the day or night. The structure, of twisted and crisscrossed steel, recalls an airplane propeller or helicopter blade, with “wings” on each side allowing for maximum seating.



Woody Chair
Designed by Francesco Meda, the Woody chair was unveiled to great acclaim at last year’s show; this year Molteni&C present a matching small armchair, with a solid wooden framework and harmoniously linked lines on which the leather-covered seat and backrest are placed.



Pass-Word Wall System
Dante Bonuccelli’s Pass-Word is a living room system designed for contemporary homes, where living spaces are increasingly evolving into multi-media entertainment and work environments.


Twelve A.M. Bed
The Twelve A.M. bed was created by Shanghai-based designers Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, partners in work and life. The design is spare and simple, with wood as the main material, teamed with metal and soft textiles or leather.  The tall headboard, which almost seems to embrace the bed, is lined with soft textiles or monochrome leather and supports a comfortable cushion which acts as a headrest.


Greenwich Bed
Rodolfo Dordoni’s Greenwich, named for the London district that is home to the Prime Meridian Line, is a bed designed to suspend time, enveloping the sleeper in upholstered comfort and softness.



Gliss Master Sistema 7
For 2019, Vincent Van Duysen’s Gliss Master wardrobe system has been enriched with a new and ingenious type of door, the Sistema 7, a folding mechanism that enables the doors to be moved effortlessly and silently for full accessibility.  Stylish and versatile, the Sistema 7 works in a variety of spaces: as a corner solution, the opening of a walk-in wardrobe, or even a partition between rooms.


Fibra Fabrics
Marta Ferri’s latest fabrics for Molteni&C textiles feature bright, contemporary yarns intertwined with natural fibers like linen and cotton.  A new way of interpreting plain colors, Fibra’s combinations — cold hues twinkling with silver filaments, warm ochre and rusty shades
enlivened with copper-colored strands — results in a fresh, futuristic interpretation of the ancient art of weaving.