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Twins have always fascinated the public in human form. Now, Mut Design has introduced a new outdoor collection, consisting of two chairs that share similar design “genetics” – hence, the collection is called Twins.


Twins Outdoor Seating by Mut Design




The Twins collection was designed to work together, but are unique enough to stand alone. One of the chairs embodies a distinctly pleasant and feminine aesthetic, while the other has a more bluntly masculine style. Both chairs are covered with a light foam padding and a special technical fabric that was created especially for the Twins.  The chairs also have a more substantial pad for the seat area, available in contracting colors.



While Mut Designs focuses on modern outdoor residential and contract furniture, the Twins look just as good inside as they do out of doors. Both of the Twins chairs were designed by Mut Design’s founder and co-owner, Alberto Sánchez. He and his partners are known for their commitment to emotive design and their love of nature is also embodied in their modern furniture and fixture designs, many of which demonstrate organic forms and shapes.



The Twins and other outdoor furnishings by Mut Design are available through Casa Outdoor.

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