Posted on 02-06-19

Modern-day artisans fusing high tech and tradition, London-based design company Meystyle specializes in LED wallpaper, an exclusive technology they introduced in 2004. 

 Integrating bold patterns with LEDs and crystals, Meystyle’s designs transform walls into works of art. An intuitive system of metal connectors seamlessly connects each roll of paper to the adjacent ones, allowing for limitless customization with virtually no bulk and no special wiring or expertise required to install.


Every roll of LED wallpaper is individually hand-made, allowing the designers to create patterns tailored to any environment. Clients are able to customize virtually every aspect of the final design, from scale and color scheme to the number of LEDs and even the way the pattern is laid out to complement other fixtures and furnishings.



Experts in the art of digital printing, Meystyle has always been quick to adopt the latest technologies to ensure both top quality and eco-friendliness. Combined with fine quality, innovative materials — including luminous natural silks, metallic meshes, and soft cotton — Meystyle’s LED wallpaper adds a touch of warmth and luxury to any interior.


Casa Design Group’s Meystyle collection features a range of the brand’s elegant designs, including geometrics, florals, abstracts, and their signature one-dimensional chandeliers. One browse through the collection and you’ll never look at your walls the same way again!





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