Posted on 08-26-19

Located in France’s Loire Valley, CVL Luminaires have been crafting exquisite, Art Deco-inspired lighting for half a century. Now some of their most iconic designs can be found in our collections here at Casa Design Group. If you’re a fan of Made in France quality and design that accommodates your own unique style, then come take a look at these stunning lighting concepts.



One of their most popular collections, the elegance of Arborescence table lamps, hanging pendants, and floor lamps lie in their simple lines, exceptional quality materials, and versatility. Available in a range of sizes, heights, and finishes, the flexible concept of the design allows you to customize the lighting system to create a unique, bespoke statement.



Inspired by the iconic jazz artist Louis Armstrong, the Louis “trumpet” pendant collection plays with lighting effects on the glass and brass elements. The design is adjustable, allowing you to arrange several pendants from a single canopy, available in a range of circular sizes or custom-made in rectangular to fit any space. 



As a wall unit or a ceiling fixture, Constellation offers limitless arrangement possibilities to add light and drama to your space. Crafted of solid brass and mouth-blown glass, with LED lights that can be positioned any way you wish, the interconnected system requires only one electric outlet (not yet UL certified).


Cercle et Trait

A graphic pendant at once bold and minimalist, Cercle et Trait is just that: a simple circle and a line, held together in a cleverly measured balancing act, suspended by one thin wire. Crafted in solid brass, the pendant is available in satin brass, graphite, nickel, and copper finishes.



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