Posted on 10-17-14

Here on the East Coast, successful architects typically house their firms in high-rise buildings and large office spaces. If you’re a growing professional firm in Florence, Italy, however, requiring significant square footage, you might just find yourself in the market for an historic palazzo.



Such was the case for Italian architecture firm Giraldi Associati Architetti when it was time to add more staff and expand their workable space. The challenge: the Italians (sensibly) guard their historic buildings fiercely and are very strict about what architectural improvements, if any, can be made. This made for some uniquely decorated spaces in GAAs new digs, including the addition of Pedrali chairs in large, open workrooms with shared desk spaces.

Pedrali is an Italian-based contemporary furniture designer that specializes in tables and chairs. Their furniture is funky, functional, and comfortable, and can be installed in a range of applications from commercial waiting rooms and office spaces to residential living rooms and kitchens. They offer several desk chairs on castors, including the Apple, Ester, and Gliss.

Casa Contract feels it’s a testament to both Pedrali and Giraldo Associati Architetti that contemporary furnishings can look so at home in a palazzo dating back to the 1400’s.

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