Posted on 05-14-15

Porada’s Glam Mirror is the ultimate modular mirror, designed to be hung alone or in a composition of your choosing. The mirrors are set at an oblique angle, making them a more unique addition to your home or contract applications.



Porada’s Glam Mirror

Glam is a wall-mounted mirror, consisting of a lateral band in Canaletta walnut and an oblique mirroring surface. The combination of wood and mirror is eye-catching when installed alone, but adds exponential interest when designed as a series. Angled flexibility means you can set them opposite from one another or in a linear series.

The Canaletta walnut band comes in a natural finish or can be stained in wenge or moca. Porada also offers matte lacquered finishes in a wide range of colors. The mirrors pair well with any number of Porada’s famous furniture designs, like their modern armchair series or their lattice-esque Wooden Belt Bench.

Wood-meets-glass isn’t an unusual combination for Porada, and we have appreciated this combination in the past. Examples include the solid Canaletta walnut pyramid style table we featured in a previous Casa Design blog.

You can learn more about the Glam Mirror and other Porada contemporary furnishings through Casa Design.

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