Starlight by Massimo Castagna for Henge

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If you’re looking for a lighting solution that will have you and your guests swooning, we’ve got just the thing for you: Ring lights.

From simple and elegant to big and breathtaking, Ring lights not only add a decorative touch to what otherwise is just empty space, but they also bring what every space need to truly come alive: light. The following six designs, by some of today’s leading designers, are so beautiful you might just have to say “I do” to them all!

Light Ring Pendant Lamp by Massimo Castagna for Henge

Suspended on heavy-duty but virtually invisible suspension wires, the Light Ring Maxi Pendant seems to hover in mid-air, its dimmable glow offering the perfect ambiance for any setting. Available in burnished brass, burnished steel, black burnished steel, black burnished brass, burnished Titanio or burnished Platino the rings can be hung in countless compositions, making each a unique statement piece.



LIGHT RING - Massimo Castagna - Henge

Citadel Composition by Quasar

Jan Pauwels gives his unique spin on this breathtaking set of interconnecting rings that glow like diamond bands composed of gleaming LED lights. Available in copper, brass, or nickel, the rings can be customized to fill any space.

Citadel composition - Quasar

Citadel composition H | Quasar

Aura Pendant by Italamp

Italamp’s elegantly minimalist chandelier features a single ring in satin silver, gold, or bronze finish, with transparent krek glass diffusers. Rings are available in a variety of dimensions, allowing for endless customization.

Aura Pendant - Italamp

Aura pendant silver | Italamp

Carousel Gunmetal XL Pendant by Lee Broom

For a space that demands a more heavyweight presence, Carousel combines solid style with a weightless design that allows it to float gently in the air. Inspired by a traditional English merry-go-round, the pendant is finished in polished gunmetal grey, with each of the 60 cylinders housing an inset LED lighting element that creates an effect that is playfully spectacular.

Carousel Gunmetal XL Pendant | Lee Broom

Carousel Gunmetal XL Pendant | Lee Broom

Heracleum The Big O Suspension by Moooi

Just like the plant that was its inspiration, the Heracleum lamp by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders resembles a crown of leaves that, far from being frozen in place, can be repositioned around the stem to allow endless designs. The new LED system makes the design more efficient than ever while providing unique and sparkling illumination.

Heracleum the big O suspension light by Moooi

Heracleum by Moooi


Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal Suspension by Henge

Massimo Castagna offers another angle on the light ring with his Horizontal Polygonal Suspension lamp, featuring rings of various sizes and types of illumination to create a striking overhead lighting effect. In black burnished steel, burnished brass, black burnished brass, and H-Silver.


 Henge Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal - Lighting - Henge