Starlight by Massimo Castagna for Henge

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Geometric lighting Systems

Geometric shapes and forms have been a popular interior design trend since the days of the early Greeks, who knew that a touch of geometry in their interiors would add structure and serenity. Today’s designers continue to embrace the potential of manmade shapes to create bright, modern interiors, with lighting systems being a favorite medium thanks to recent advances in materials and technology. From spare and simple to space-defining, these are some of the brightest examples of geometric lighting designs we’ve seen.


Coordinates Module S by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

A system of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities, Coordinates Module S delivers a powerful visual punch with the simplest of elements. Featuring an anodized champagne finish, the collection ranges from standard chandeliers of pared-down configurations to intricate systems that can be adapted for different environments of any scale.


Cercle et Trait Pendant by CVL Luminaires

A single graphic circle pendant, intersected by one small wire, balances in perfect harmony on a fine line, creating a delicate yet strongly arresting visual statement. Available in satin brass, graphite, nickel, or copper, Cercle et Trait’s classical simplicity brings a modern sensibility to any interior.

Cercle et Trait - CVL luminaires


Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal Suspension by Henge

An intricate pattern of light and fine metals, Massimo Castagna’s system of rings casts a warm glow thanks to the play of sizes and types of illumination. Available in a variety of finishes and compositions that allow you to create a bespoke and bewitching lighting system tailored to your unique style.

Sorry Giotto 3 Floor Lamp by Catellani & Smith

An homage to “one of the simplest, cleanest shapes: the circle,” Catellani & Smith’s Sorry Giotto 3 is an unapologetically striking accent piece for any décor. Hand-crafted in Italy, close to the banks of the river Serio, near Bergamo, the lamp

features a black painted base and structure and blue, hand-painted copper rings.

Sorry Giotto 3 - Catellani & Smith 

Wireflow Chandelier 0374 by Arik Levy for Vibia

If there is one piece that can instantly lift any décor’s modern mood, it is designer Arik Levy’s masterful reinterpretation of the traditional chandelier. The Wireflow Chandelier is an exercise in simplification, with glass, steel, and aluminum forged into a delicate and ethereal three-dimensional form at once reminiscent of the past and thoroughly modern.

Wireflow Chandelier 0374 - Vibia

Orion Tube Light Polished Gunmetal by Lee Broom

Orion comprises simple modular lights with opposing spheres and tubes of opaque and solid polished gunmetal. Like the constellation for which it’s named, Orion’s modular lights, spheres, and tubes connect and expand horizontally and vertically, to create bespoke constellations of light with infinite adaptations.

Orion Tube Light Gunmetal Lee Broom