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From subtle to stunning, nothing sets the tone of an interior like pendant lighting. They are a focal point in modern spaces, functioning as much as a decorative feature as a source of light, and a favorite medium for designers, who love the challenge of turning the blank space above a stairwell into a work of art. For an instant upgrade, nothing lights up a space light a gorgeous pendant lamp: these are some of our favorite looks right now.

Shar Pei by Terzani
Inspired by the adorable folded faces of shar-pei puppies, Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini’s wrinkled sheaths of the undulating crystal create a breathtaking effect, hung singly or grouped together to create a “pack” of lights.



Mizuby Terzani
Designed by Nicolas Terzani, Mizu is a customizable pendant light inspired by drops of water. Like water droplets, no two Mizu are alike, with each unique crystal shape meticulously hand-crafted to create mesmerizing light refractions.


Raimondby Moooi
Science meets art in Moooi’s Raimond pendant. A mathematically perfect sphere punctuated by tiny LED lights, the Raimond lamp brings the soft beauty of a starry night into your home.



Custom Array Pendants by CTO Lighting
Sculptural and endlessly customizable, Array’s rotating arms and hand-blown opal shades are a nod to classic 1960’s Italian design. The brass metalwork arms are bronzed and hand-waxed, with contrasting brass detailing.


Plassby Foscarini
Plass is an upsized version of traditional Venetian glass pearls. Its singular surface is purposely crafted with “imperfections” to create a dazzling vibration of light from within.



Greggby Foscarini
Organic and poetic, Gregg is a family of blown satin glass lamps of various sizes that create a breathtaking effect when grouped in multiple compositions. 

Clear Urchin Light by Siemon Salazar
Fashioned to capture the way glass forms and light play together, these small, thick crystal orbs create dazzling light refractions, whether hung singly or in a grouping for a true statement piece. Each unique piece is created by hand, manipulating extremely hot molten glass to form organically inspired ridges and valleys.



Wireflowby Vibia
Wireflow’s Volumetric collection, designed by Arik Levy, is a masterpiece of minimalism. The supporting structure of black electrical cables traces three-dimensional shapes which, despite their large size, create a sense of transparency and a captivating graphic feel. Available in 4, 6 and 8 LED versions.



Custom Lighting Project by Lasvit
Lasvit's installation for a business in the upscale Mayfair district of London, titled Mist, was created to reflect the refined tastes of both its employees and its visitors.
Complementing the main staircase, Mist’s graceful cluster of lighted glass components descends “like a fragrant hyacinth blossom.”   



Designer Michael Anastassiades created his Arrangements pendants as a parallel to the way jewelry is made to be worn. A modular system of geometric pieces that can be combined in different ways, each new piece simply attaches itself onto the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as part of a growing chain.



Treasureby Contardi
In polished and engraved rose gold metallic crystal, with a braided leather cord embellishing its faceted beauty, Treasure is Contardi’s first “Jewel Product.” Designed by Massimiliano Raggi, Treasure is equally at home in a sophisticated residence or an exclusive public space.



Bolle Tela by Gallotti & Radice
With its transparent blown glass spheres and hand-burnished brass metal lines, Bolle Tela brings understated elegance to any interior, and is available in two sizes, with 6 or 8 spheres.



Fulcrumby Lee Broom
Simply stunning, Fulcrum’s three lights are suspended at set lengths from a matching finish ceiling plate — in polished gold, polished chrome or matte black —to create a dramatic cluster.



Arborescenceby CVL Luminaries
Simple yet striking, with its clean lines and simple glass shades, Arborescence is a completely customizable lighting collection, available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to match any interior style and space. 


Formed with rings of various sizes and low-voltage LED illumination, this elegant composition offers a warm, inviting light. Crafted of 99.9% pure silver on brass and burnished by hand using an exclusive, traditional Henge technique, Massimo Castagna’s design is available in a range of size, to add heavenly style to any space.