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What are your ingredients for the perfect kitchen? If you crave elegance blended with superior engineering and exceptionally smart technology, then feast your senses on the Dada kitchen.

An artful marriage of form and functionality, the origins of the Dada aesthetic reach back to the company’s beginnings as a small woodworking craftsman workshop in 1926 Italy. In the 1950’s, founder Angelo Garavaglia and his sons expanded their factory, creating the first industrial warehouses for closets and kitchens.



In 1972, Gaetano Garavaglia introduced the new DADA brand of high-level kitchen furnishings, ushering in an era of collaboration with internationally renowned architects and designers such as Angelo Cortesi, Georges Coslin, John Offredi, Italo Lupi, and Amilcare Ponchielli.

 A Dada kitchen is instantly recognizable, thanks to several key features. Customized Dada brand stainless steel tops are iconic elements, fulfilling the best design and construction concepts. Stylish handles and innovative opening systems include finger recesses and mechanical or electric push-pull systems for maximum ease of use. Also, discreet technological solutions ensure all drawers and baskets are equipped with runners that are the standard of reference for high-end furniture manufacturers the world over.



It’s that level of attention to detail that elevates a Dada kitchen, from mere workspace to modern wonder. Forget your boring old cupboards, drawers, and shelves — in a Dada kitchen, you can expect things like modular wall units, functional columns, and accessorized back panels, with LED lighting, electrical sockets, and sliding glass doors that can open up space between wall units and worktops. Or even a steel sink designed with multiple levels, creating three functional spaces.



In short, you can expect a Dada kitchen to wow you with the unexpected, from the smallest detail to the most dramatic façade.



Ready to savor the beauty and elegant functionality of a Dada kitchen for yourself? Visit Casa Design Group’s newly opened Molteni&C DADA Flagship Store and see Boston’s first Dada kitchen. But be warned: once you’ve gotten a taste of Dada, you’ll never look at your kitchen the same way again.

Take a Live Tour in our Molteni&C DADAshowroom to see Dada Hi-Line 6 kitchen