Dado Fire Pit

AK47 Design

AK47 Design

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A basic design and a discreet presence.
Dado contains warmth and light inspired by simplicity.
Not just a fireplace, but also useful support when not in use.

Dado is a wood-burning outdoor fire pit.
Thanks to its simple design, Mangiafuoco can be placed in any architectural environment. Alone, in the middle of a seating system, its fire gives warmth and light to those around it.

Structure: Steel.
Finish: Oxidised

Structure: Steel.
Finish: White.

Supplied with closing top, useful for isolating combustion residue.
With the dedicated stainless steel grill kit (sold separately)
the fire pit can also be used as a barbecue.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

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31.4" x  H 16.9"

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