Ercole Rainforest Marble Fire Pit

AK47 Design

AK47 Design

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For a fire pit that offers so much more in terms of style, the Ecrole Rainforest Marble by AK47 Design wood-burning pit fits the bill. Elegant marble and steel come together to create not only a structurally sound pit but a stylish piece that upgrades any lawn, garden, or patio. The Ecrole comes in two sizes, the Small size measuring 59” and the larger option measuring 98.4” to fit into any space perfectly. Choose from brown or green marble to elevate lawn décor and bring it to an art form. The pit features log storage underneath as well as a cover plate for protection when not in useWhen in use, the upper part of the fire pit does not overheat. Add a grill kit to use the Ecrole as a barbecue.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Available Sizes:

Ø 59.1" x H16.4" x Opening Diameter 27"
Grill Kit is sold separately.

Ø 98.4" x H16.4" x Opening Diameter 53.5"
Grill Kit is sold separately.

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