Kali Wall Bunk Bed With Desk



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Transforming Bunk Bed with Desk

Kali Duo Board is a twin XL-size bunk bed with a seven-foot-long desk, padded, folding headboard on the lower bunk, and locking ladder, padded upper safety barrier, and an additional storage compartment on the top bunk. The unique pivoting desk mechanism allows the desk to remain level as the lower bed opens, so items on the surface can stay in place even after the bed is open. Kali Duo Board features concealed pistons, a patented soft-open/close mechanism, and a tilting upper bunk that allows bedding to be easily changed.

This product has a delivery estimate of 14 - 16 weeks.

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System Closed: W 216" x D 33.5" x H 76.5/86.625"
System Open: W 85" x D 33.5" x H 76.5/86.625"

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