Bigala Sofas



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Designed by: Roberto Giacomucci

Bigala was born from a reflection on the boundary between inside and outside, between function and evasion, between privacy and exteriority, and enhances the role of seating in domestic and public environments as increasingly changing elements destined to accommodate opposing universes of relationship.

Solitude or company, quick stay or prolonged relaxation, Bigala can also be equipped with charging plugs for mobile devices and with a table to lean on to work. The shape of Bigala develops from an iron supporting structure that shapes its containment shape, characterized by two wings that enclose and protect, creating privacy for the individual or a reserved conversation corner.

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Sofa small
W 62.99″ x D 27.56″ x H 39.37″

Sofa large
W 87.4″ x D 27.56″ x H 39.37″

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