Biarritz Nested Cabin

Ego Paris

Ego Paris

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Ego Paris Biarritz Nested Cabin design by: Dorothée Noirbent.

A true contemporary vision of an emblematic waterfront feature, the Biarritz Cabin is a modular and comfortable area which can be combined with the other four collection pieces or remain on its own. The Biarritz Cabin can be fully customized according to your wishes.

Comes with 2 mattresses ; 3 shade Batyline® curtains optional. Thermo-lacquered aluminum frame. The ash slatted base is sourced from French forest and has been heat treated. Fitted with wheels.

This product has a delivery estimate of 10-14 weeks.

Starting at $10,080.00

Available Size:

W 70.7" x D 78.7" x H 86.6"

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