Arumi Suspension



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Foscarini Arumi Suspension is designed by Lucidi e Pevere

Suspension lamp with a direct downlight and built-in Acrich dimmable Triac LED. The die-cast aluminum dome is processed on the outside by manual sanding to create the matt effect aluminum, while the inside is hand-polished and liquid coated with transparent varnish to enhance light reflection. The flow of LED light is conveyed along with a transparent PMMA cylinder. Black cable and black ceiling canopy with galvanized metal bracket and batch-dyed ABS cover, canopy decentralization kit available.
Material: aluminum
Color: aluminum
This product has a delivery estimate of 8-12 weeks. Products in stock - 2 weeks.

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Arumi Suspension is available in stock
Aluminum color
Ø 5 1/2" x Shade H 4 1/8" size

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Available Size:

Ø 5 1/2" x Shade H 4 1/8"

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